Tips for Amateur Antique Furniture Collectors

Tips for Amateur Antique Furniture Collectors

Antique collecting has a long and storied history dating back to 16th century Europe. Today, the word “antique” refers to any object that is more than 100 years old. When visiting Antique stores Denver residents can peruse furniture, art, curiosities, and more.


Why Antique Furniture?


The art of crafting hand-carved furniture is slowly dying out in modern times, which helps to explain why antique furniture, and in particular antique European furniture, is so popular. By purchasing antique Scandinavian furniture Denver residents can take advantage of the higher level of craftsmanship, durability, and aesthetic beauty that used to be a standard in the craft of furniture making. All of these factors make antique furniture collecting a fantastic monetary investment as well as an investment in preserving cultural artifacts.


What to Purchase


There is a generally accepted practice among antique furniture collectors that dictates how investors should choose what items to purchase: they should buy what they like at prices they can afford from reputable dealers. If they follow this simple advice, even inexperienced buyers can ensure that they are making solid investments that will continue to appreciate over time. Plus, they can guarantee that they will wind up with pieces that they love and can appreciate on a routine basis in the meantime.


Avoiding Dried Out architectural antiques make the mistake of using lemon oil in an attempt to preserve the wood and raise the value of their favorite pieces. Unfortunately, in reality, lemon oil actually dries out the wood, darkening the patina and decreasing the value of the piece. Before purchasing a piece of antique furniture, rub it to see if oil is left behind on the hand to ensure that the piece has not been treated with lemon oil.


Start Small


The best way to get a foot in the door in antique furniture investing is to start small and expand the collection from there. Begin by investing a relatively small amount of money in smaller pieces that will not only appreciate in value over time but will also serve a valuable purpose around the home. Choose furniture that will fit the home's decor as well as the investor's buying strategy.


Finding a Reputable Dealer


While antiques are available everywhere from flea markets to rummage sales, it's best to only purchase antique furniture from a reputable dealer. Try to purchase furniture only from antique auctions and dedicated antique stores such as Antiques on Broadway. antique dresser will this ensure that the pieces have been evaluated by a knowledgeable professional prior to sale, but it will also help new and aspiring investors by allowing them to ask any questions prior to purchase.