Your best weapons to flirt

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Body language is one of the oldest and strongest weapons to flirt. In fact, it is estimated that between 60 and 70% that we communicate to people is transmitted through non-verbal language, which is usually more significant than words.

The exchange of looks is, perhaps, one of the most primitive weapons for flirting. For some it is, even, even sophisticated because what can be said with the eyes and in silence, opens the way to a host of feelings and emotions that turn at great speed.

For the sexologist IГ±aki Lajud, we all have seduction techniques: laughter, shyness, compliments or sensuality. "We should only know in advance to know which part to show. You have to have empathy, listen and read the bodily signals of approach and distance ".

Keys when it comes to flirting

There are very characteristic nonverbal signs that a woman is interested in a man, beyond a simple friendship. Here we indicate you some:

1. Move your head to shake your hair or play with it constantly. Some women shake or pull back their hair with a shake of the head; others do it by hand.

2. Send "glances out of the corner of your eye", or launch short, repeated glances in the direction of your "victim". A direct look in the eyes also counts.

3. He speaks in a low voice that invites intimacy. If a woman lowers her voice, she is inviting her to share her personal space.

4. Look a lot to the mouth. The more committed a woman is, the more time she will spend looking at the man's mouth when he is talking.

5. The outer part of the thigh is gently caressed. This is done unconsciously to draw attention to a part of the body.

6. Show the dolls. They are a well-defined erogenous zone. When a woman is attracted to a man, she tends to turn it towards the outside when smoking or moving her hands, instead of turning it toward herself.

7. Smile widely. A huge and genuine smile, sent with a direct eye contact, is still the clearest sign of all that she wants him to come and chat with her.

Body language is a very good indicator of a woman's intentions, but it is not infallible, so it is always important to pay attention enough.


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