The Biggest Loser Recap, Full Video: Episode 1002 Slideshow (Photos, Video)

The Biggest Loser Recap, Full Video: Episode 1002 Slideshow (Photos, Video)

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The Hobbit follows the adventures of Bilbo Baggins (played here by Martin Freeman), which whisked off of his home in the Shire via the wizard Gandalf, and deposited in the unlikely company of a band of treasure-hunting dwarves. Those folks who read or watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy know where Bilbo ends up, but the Hobbit details the long journey developed to reach your destination.


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Universal Orlando usually rrncludes a strict no-photos/no-video policy in its haunted companies. There is different to this policy; throughout the lights-on tours, you get as many photos and videos while you wish. Regarding added bonus, your guide tells you the backstory and provides many interesting details of this three houses you find tour (an upgraded version of the tour also gives you a chance to talk to a user of the creative team).


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